We believe that a surfboard is an extension of its rider, so we listen carefully to our customers determine what will work best for their ability level and the waves they like to surf. The majority of Stoke boards are completely hand-shaped, with adjustments made for thickness, foil, width and rocker to accommodate the rider’s style of surfing and weight. While we have the ability to offer CNC cut boards, these represent a very small percentage of our business. All Stoke shapes are available in poly or EPS (epoxy) material.  


Stoke surfboards are custom glassed by  King Glass to meet each surfer’s style of surfing and the waves to be ridden. Specialty fiberglass, as well as composites, can be added to accommodate board weight,  power surfing, flex patterns and aerial antics. 


Boards are available with FCS, FCS 2, Future, fin boxes or custom glassed-on fins. Thrusters, quads, hybrids, singles, two plus one – we do it all. And we specialize in custom laminated wood fins for our classic long board and fish shapes.


Stoke boards are available with a sanded, polished high gloss, sanded gloss or sprayed finish.


We offer a wide variety of custom surfboard artwork from pin lines, resin tints, airbrushing and custom laminations. Just ask!