Bahne Classic

Another classic board rescued from Long Beach Island, this 9' 6" Bahne beauty, circa early 1960s, was purchased from the Wooden Jetty collection in need of some major TLC. Apparently someone took a hammer to the deck inflicting no less than 50 divots. An irate spouse or angry competitor, perhaps?  Easy to understand the jealousy, 'cause this board rides like a dream! Stoke fixed all the dings, repaired the cracked fin box and shined her right up. A little wax on the deck and the dings miraculously disappear. Time to hang ten!

Hobie Classic

Liberated from a basement on Long Beach Island, this classic 10' 4" Hobie longboard circa late 1950s, featuring a 1" redwood stringer, has seen it's fair share of abuse over the years. Stoke fixed all the dings, reset the fin and gave it a nice polish. Now it's hanging from a ceiling in Florida waiting for the perfect day!

Bing Vincent

A classic example of the transitional design trend from longboards to short boards occurring in the late 1960s, the Bing Vincent featured a truly revolutionary shape in its day with its shorter length, pointed nose and wider, nearly squared off tail. This beautiful board was brought to Stoke and restored to its near-original luster.

MTB V-2 Channel Hull Twin Fin

One of the most popular shapes to come from the late 70s/early 80s team of Don Mulhern, Donald Takiyama and Garry Brumett, this 5’ 6” beauty was brought to Stoke with a severely delaminated deck, multiple dings and a chewed up tail. The Stoke restoration team evaluated the situation and teamed up with King Glass to execute the perfect fix. A wooden tail block was fabricated from laminated teak and holly; dings were repaired with tinted resin; and tiny holes were drilled in the delaminated deck areas and injected with resin. The deck was then weighted to remove excess resin and ensure an airtight bond. The holes were then glassed and sanded and the entire board received a hot coat. The result: a classic ripper that’s water tight and ready to ride. 360s anyone?

Here are some examples of recent restoration projects:


Stoke specializes in classic surfboard restorations. We take pride in our ability to breathe new life into irreplaceable boards. So if you’ve got a family heirloom in the rafters, dust it off, bring it in, and let Stoke work its magic.

Lightning Bolt Pin Tail

Made famous by the likes of Gerry Lopez (aka “Mr. Pipeline”) and the effervescent Rory Russell, this late 70s model Lightning Bolt pin tail, shaped by Tom Eberly, made it from Hawaii to Florida, travelled extensively through Costa Rica and has been ridden numerous times in Ohana Surf Shop’s annual Single Fin Showdown surf contest. Needless to say, this old girl has picked up some wear and tear along the way. Team Stoke gave this lovely lightning lady a much-needed facelift, restoring her to near OEM condition.